Brigade Management Team

The brigade is managed by a team of elected officials and appointed staff. Brigade officials serve for a nominal period of two years after which their positions come up for re-election at the Brigade's Annual General Meeting. Each official takes on the responsibilities defined for their role along with some specific additional responsibilities suited to their personal skills and knowledge.
The Brigade's currently elected officials are :

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    Captain - Rob Waters

    • Management of BMT and Brigade.
    • Maintenance of service standard delivery.
    • Corporate governance.
    • Policy development.
    • Inter-agency liaison.
    • Brigade standing orders.
    • OH&S & HR manager.
    • Media Liaison.
    • Development of Brigade business plan.

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    1st Lieutenant - Craig Williamson

    • Operational response.
    • Chairperson of fundraising committee.
    • Fire prevention strategy/planning and fuel reduction burns.
    • Special projects.
    • Recruitment and planning.
    • AFSM & National Medals.
    • Knox group delegate.
    • Fire equipment maintenance.
    • Pre planning and risk identification.

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    2nd Lieutenant - Matt Jalowicki

    • Training manager.
    • Develop yearly training plan and calendar.
    • Develop and maintain skills maintenance program.
    • Training needs analysis.
    • Hot fire training.
    • Group training delegate.
    • Driver training.
    • Recruits coordinator.

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    3rd Lieutenant - Val Gallacher

    • Fleet manager.
    • Maintaining existing vehicle fleet.
    • Introduction of new appliances and equipment.
    • Workshop and inventory.
    • Appliance investory check lists.
    • Appliance fault and maintenance coordination.

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    4th Lieutenant - Ryan Smith

    • Health and wellbeing.
    • Public relations and events.
    • Appeals and brigade open day.
    • Publicity and media.
    • Procurement and allocation of general uniforms and PPE.
    • PPE allocations.

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    5th Lieutenant - Silvana Linton

    • Building, grounds and maintenance.
    • Station facilities, internal and external.
    • Development of cleaning roster.
    • Maintenance of office equipment.
    • Maintenance of workshop and stores.
    • Organise delivery of assessments - residential and industry.

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    Secretary - Gabrielle Olsson

    • Secretary
    • Minutes of all Brigade and BMT meetings.
    • Corporate governance.
    • Finance statements and budget management.
    • Petty cash.
    • Brigade standing orders.
    • FEM income.
    • Brigade membership administration management.
    • CFA service and Brigade service awards.

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    Communications Officer - Alicia Gugele

    • Communications Officer.
    • Importing & collation of FIR's data.
    • Membership contact list and personnel availability lists.
    • Management of workstations and applications.
    • Pager allocations and coordination.
    • Spectrum conferencing.
    • Annual report.
    • Testing and maintenance of portable radios.

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    Community Safety Manager - Eddie Tichelaar

    • Community safety coordinator.
    • Implementation and coordination of community safety programs.
    • Public relations.
    • Brigades in schools coordination.
    • District 13 community safety reporting.
    • Website committee.
    • Social media.