Fire Trucks

Montrose Fire Brigade currently has four trucks which are used for emergency response.
The trucks are :

Fire truck - pumper


The Pumper is a primary response unit and is used to combat structural and urban fires. The Pumper is equipped with an extensive inventory of operational equipment including hoses, branches (nozzles), ladders, breathing apparatus, chemical protective suits and other fire fighting equipment.


  • Isuzu FTR 900 Type 3 pumper
  • 6.5 litre 6 cylinder diesel engine
  • Crew capacity of 6
  • Pumps up to 3000 litres per minute
  • Carries 1,800 litres of water

The Tankers

CFA Tankers come in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive combinations and are designed to carry a large water tank (up to 3000 litres) as well as a pump. Tankers are the primary unit for combating bushfires, grass fires and other rural incidents.

Fire truck - Tanker 1

Tanker 1


  • 2.2 D Tanker (2000 litre, 2WD Diesel)
  • FRA two wheel drive tanker
  • 6.5 litre, 6 cylinder diesel engine
  • Crew capacity of 6
  • Pumps up to 900 litres of water per minute
  • Carries 2,000 litres of water

Fire truck - Tanker 1

Tanker 2


  • 3.4 C Tanker (3750 litre, 4WD Diesel)
  • FTS 750 four wheel drive tanker
  • 8.2 litre 6 cylinder diesel engine
  • Crew capacity of 5
  • Pumps 1,400 litres per minute
  • Carries 3,750 litres of water

Specialised Salvage Van

The Salvage Van is owned by the Montrose Fire Brigade (funded by community donations) and is mainly utilised as a secondary response vehicle from which a control centre can be established when running major incident. The Salvage Van is also equipped with the LPG Gas Flare Off equipment that is used to combat LPG incidents.

Fire truck - Salvage



  • Isuzu NPR 300
  • 4.6 litre 6 cylinder diesel engine
  • Crew capacity of 6
  • Specialised equipment - LPG flair off equipment