More reports of bogus salesman

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CFA is again warning residents in the Eastern Metropolitan area to be wary of a man falsely claiming to sell fire protection equipment on behalf of CFA following new reports in the past week.

Residents of the Dandenong Ranges and outer Eastern suburbs, including Boronia and Lysterfield, have reported people claiming to be from CFA, peddling fire blankets and extinguishers door to door.

In one recent case, a Lysterfield woman was approached by a man wearing a fluorescent vest with no visible identification, and when he was turned away by the resident, he became threatening.

CFA has also become aware of people claiming to be members of the fire and emergency services offering to paint house numbers on gutters for a fee.

Eastern Metropolitan Region Manager of Community Safety, Ray Fritz, reiterated that CFA never sells fire equipment and services door to door, or to raise money.

"It is a concern that someone would use the good reputation of CFA to intimidate residents into purchasing goods," he said.

"Through the support of the media and the local residents, we have already raised awareness about this bogus salesman, so we hope no-one will be falsely lured into purchasing these products.

Residents approached by the bogus salespeople are urged to contact the Victorian Consumer Affairs scam hotline on 1300 558 181.

Victoria Police have been made aware of the incident and will keep an eye on further reports.

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Friday, 16 March 2012