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About CFA

CFA (Country Fire Authority) is a volunteer and community based fire and emergency services organisation.

We help protect 3.3 million Victorians, and more than one million homes and properties across the state.


CFA has approximately 60,000 members, made up of:

  •  Volunteers - more than 58,000
  •  Career firefighters - around 600
  •  Support staff - about 1,200.

What we do

Our 1,220 fire brigades respond to bushfires, house fires, industrial fires, road accidents, rescues and a range of other emergencies.

Our members also work with local communities to raise awareness about fire safety and help plan for bushfires.


CFA covers all of rural and regional Victoria plus Melbourne's outer suburbs.

We are divided into eight Regions across the state, and within those regions are twenty CFA Districts. CFA Headquarters is located in Burwood East.

Government and funding

CFA sits under the Victorian Department of Justice and reports to the Minister of Police and Emergency Services.

We are funded by insurances contributions (77.5%) and the Victorian State Government (22.5%).