Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm

Fires can happen at any time, in any home. you need to ensure you are prepared, in case the 'unthinkable' happens to you.
Most people caught in a house fire die as a result of breathing in smoke and fumes while sleeping.

Installing smoke alarms

Installing smoke alarms provides an early warning by waking sleeping home occupants. Smoke alarms can give you the vital time you need to get out alive. Your chances of survival are twice as good when smoke alarms are installed in your home and they are checked and cleaned regularly.

Has your smoke alarm been checked lately?

To ensure your smoke alarm is working properly, weekly checking and cleaning is essential. If needed, ask a relative, friend, neighbour, home help or carer to assist you.  Check List

Are smoke alarms difficult to install?

Smoke alarms are easy to install. A family member or carer will find it quick and simple to install smoke alarms in your home. Only a screwdriver is required.

Is one smoke alarm enough?

To provide the best protection, a smoke alarm should be installed outside each sleeping area. If you sleep with the door closed, a smoke alarm should also be installed in your bedroom. Occupants of multi-storey homes should install a smoke alarm on each level.

Smoke Alarm Checklist

Once a Week:

  • Test the alarm by pushing the test button with a broom handle to ensure it beeps.
  • Dust the alarm with a vacuum cleaner brush.
    Once a Year:
  • Change the batteries using the battery type listed on the alarm.
  • Do it when you adjust your clock for daylight saving.