Community safety month

Community Safety Month

The Montrose Fire Brigade opens its doors biannually on the last Saturday in October.
The community gets to meet our volunteer firefighters, engage in interactive displays and videos, and inspect the fire trucks.
Demonstrations in the use of extinguishers and the LPG Flare off equipment are given, sort instruction sessions about home fire safety and whether you live in a residential or wildland area of Montrose are presented.

Shaved heads for "Kids with Cancer"

Bluey Day

A fundraising event for "Kids with Cancer" which promoted across all emergency services within Victoria.
2003 was the first time Montrose Fire Brigade participated in this event raising $5597.20 from donations within the Montrose community, including several local corporations.

Children's Hospital - Good Friday Collection

Children's Hospital - Good Friday Collection

The brigade has been involved in the Good Friday appeal for approximately 30 years.
It is now an event where all CFA brigades, Metropolitan Fire Brigade and State Emergency Service collect donations for this wonderful facility that benefits all children in Victoria.

Santa Run

An event which the Montrose Fire Brigade runs every year on Christmas Eve, giving out bags of lollies to the children of the Montrose area. An annual event which is eagerly looked forward to by the youngest members of the community.