Isolated Elderly Program

Why an isolated elderly program?

Elderly couple

Research has shown that people over the age of 65 are in the "HIGH RISK" groups for fire related deaths and injury. Amongst the elderly there is a specific group that is at even greater risk, the isolated elderly. These elderly people live alone, are not involved in social groups and are some what independent.

The Isolated Elderly Program is one of a number of fire prevention strategies implemented by the CFA. It is designed to reduce fire and home accident related death and injust suffered by the isolated elderly person. These strategies will help give the elderly a chance to enjoy their golden years safely whilst still remaining independent.

What is the isolated elderly program?

The Isolated Elderly Program is a partnership between Fire Brigades and carer organisations. The Fire Brigade will train carers in fire prevention and awareness and this knowledge combined with the carer's experience in falls and injury prevention enables them to deliver a comprehensive safety program to the elderly.

Role of the carer

The Isolated Elderly Program is focused around the special relationship formed between the isolated elderly and the carer. Becuase of the trust and familiarity with the carer the elderly person will be more receptive to suggestions made on home fire safety.

The Program

Consists of a workshop which is delivered by the Fire Brigade to carer organisations.
This help :

  • Identify the areas of the home that present a fire risk.
  • Highlights the added problems the elderly face when confronted with a fire.
  • Discusses strategies for the effective implementation of fire safe behaviour and practices.