Previous Captains

Stuart McCall

Stuart McCall - 2003 to 2015

Stuart led the Brigade as Captain for twelve years including twenty-two years serving on the management team. Stuart’s leadership steered the brigade for over a decade sacrificing thousands of hours of his own personal time managing the Fire Brigade. Stuart’s leadership has steered the brigade to becoming a high profile organisation within the Montrose Community. His ability to engage the greater community has given the brigade the chance to assist in ownership of their own personal safety and emergency preparation. Stuart has a passion for other members’ health and wellbeing, and has always been there to lend an ear when individuals are in need.

Rob Earney

Rob Earney - 1995 to 2003

Rob led the Brigade through a time where the Brigade management practices changed dramatically. The Brigade experienced it’s first paid employee in the form of a “Community Support Facilitator”. Modern times dictated that the Brigade needed to be managed as a not-for-profit business.

Mick Ryan

Mick Ryan - 1989 to 1995

Mick led the Brigade through a time of technological change. During this time Computers and other modern electronic devices became commonplace within the Brigade. Mick was also instrumental in paving the way for the Brigade to become a greater part of the community through consultation with community stakeholders. Many successful links were forged with other community groups that enhanced both the role and the standing of the Brigade within the community.

Jack Earney

Jack Earney    1965 to 1989

Jack led the brigade for a total of 24 years in which time the Montrose community grew from a small country township into a busy outer Melbourne suburb. Originally a small “rural” brigade, Jack was captain when the Montrose Urban Fire Brigade was formed in 1974. Jack led the brigade from the time where it possessed one truck and responded mainly to house and bush fires to a time where the brigade possessed four modern fire-fighting vehicles and attended not only house and bush fires, but a large number of other incidents including hazardous materials incidents, factory fires, motor vehicle and industrial accidents.

Jim Milbourne

Jim Milbourne - 1963 to 1965

Jim not only served as brigade captain but also maintained a position as Group Officer of the Lilydale Fire Brigades Group. In his management role he took on many operational positions at incidents at Tambo Crossing, Bruthen and Glenburn.

Ted Addams

Ted Adams - 1959 to 1963

Ted was a founding member of the Montrose Fire Brigade and helped pioneer the age of radio within the fire service. The original base radio was located at Ted’s house and his wife Jean was the brigade’s radio operator. Ted was leader of the brigade during the devastating 1962 fires. He was largely responsible for the development of the brigades first fire truck, which he built whilst operating the local Montrose garage. When Ted finally sold the garage he worked for the company “Grazcos” building fire-fighting equipment.

George Richards

George Richards - 1944 to 1959

Drove council steamroller and was the proprietor of the local corner store.

A Milne

A Milne - 1938 to 1944

First Captain of the Montrose Bush Fire Bridage, elected 9th November 1938.