Lucky escape

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POLICE are calling for VicRoads to remove a "dangerous" U-turn point on Canterbury Road in Montrose following a serious collision last Thursday.
Two Yarra Ranges truck drivers were lucky to escape serious injury in the peak-hour crash.

Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol's Leading Senior Constable Ron Veldman said a large truck was travelling uphill towards Montrose when its 50-year-old East Warburton driver tried to make a U-turn at a median strip break opposite Arlie Court. He was unable to make the turn in one attempt. Kilsyth-bound traffic came over the rise – which is in a 70 km/h zone - as he tried to reverse.

A tray truck collided with the reversing truck, causing it to spin.
The tray truck continued downhill and collided with a tree, which collapsed on top of it.
Its driver, a 58-year-old Badger Creek man, and the other truck driver suffered only minor injuries.
"It could have been really bad," Leading Sen Const Veldman said. The accident occurred about 3.20pm and disrupted traffic for several hours while tow trucks removed the damaged vehicles and CFA crews soaked up several hundred litres of spilled diesel.

Leading Sen Const Veldman said neither driver was to blame.
"This U-turn point is too dangerous," he said. "I think VicRoads needs to remove it."
But VicRoads metro south east director Duncan Elliot said there had been no recorded casualty crashes at the intersection in the five year period ending 31 December 2010.
"Taking into account the accident record at this intersection, VicRoads would not recommend closing the centre median," he said."Closing the median would require consultation with council regarding effects on local residences and businesses in this area.
"The effects of diverting traffic to another location would also need to be considered."
Mr Elliot said VicRoads would discuss the crash's circumstance with Victoria Police.